Papayas Al Jugo - Patagonia Pantry 460G (Sold out!!)

Papayas Al Jugo - Patagonia Pantry 460G (Sold out!!)
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Product Description

Our Mountain Chilean Papaya grows along the Andes foothills, is slightly bigger than a large lemon, and has a much milder taste than Mexican or Hawaiin papaya. Available in 2 sizes, and in low sugar.

Slice over salads as a topping. Spoon over your favorite cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. Makes for a special treat on vanilla ice cream. Use as a luscious filling for cookies and fruit tarts. Blend with yogurt for a delicious and healthy smoothie. An excellent substitute for pineapple in Oriental or Polynesian recipes. Mountain Papaya is wonderful served as an exotic hors d’eouvre and also an exquisite dessert served right out of the jar!