Dedication to my Mom and my grandmother "Mamita Orfa". Dedicada a mi mama y mi abuela "Mamita Orfa".

This whole store/idea/work is dedicated to mom as well as my grandmother "Mamita Orfa". With every chilean product I obtain and hold in my hand, I always think of my mom and on many occasions, my grandmother as well "Mamita Orfa". These are people in my life that have helped me with my goals as well as live by a standard of hard work, respect and appreciation and most importantly "love". Both are gone now (grandma passed away in the early 80's and my mom just last year in November. I miss them very much and think about them alot. Either on a gloomy day or a bright sunny one. Walking next to a street fair or out into the ocean. Everytime I pick up a Chilean product I can't help but think about them and how they are probably looking down at me. I hope they are proud. My strength to keep going now is my son, wife, father and family members. As Well as my fellow Chileans living here in the US.