Aji Chileno Crema - Don Juan Pote 240G *C06 (few left)

Aji Chileno Crema - Don Juan Pote 240G *C06 (few left)
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Aji Chileno de Don Juan. Chilean Hot Sauce. This is another popular brand of Chilean hot sauce in Chile. The sauce is primarily used as a main ingridientes when creating salsa. It can also be used directly on any food if your a hor sauce fanatic. Aji is so much more than just a hot pepper or hot sauce. Chilean Aji is something that is special to Chile. People that love Chile are likely to love Aji. There are lots to things to love about Chile, and the food is easy to love. Whether it's Aji on real french fries, a nice empanada de horno or a huge bowl of porotos, let's get you reconnected with some of that food you love.